Update From Our DTS

November 3, 2011

At YWAM Harpenden

Dear Friends and Family,

As you know, Peter and I have been at YWAM Harpenden for the past 5 weeks, doing a Wilberforce DTS (Discipleship Training School). The Wilberforce DTS, it seems, has an especially busy schedule, aiming to train us in all aspects of life so that we can influence all spheres of society, just like William Wilberforce, who was apparently active in over seventy different committees during his lifetime, and campaigned for things other than the abolition of the slave trade, such as animal rights and the ‘restoration of manners’.

We have enjoyed having a fixed schedule and doing things together as a community. Thrice a week we have morning workouts, after which we have breakfast, followed by “Agpia”, where we all gather in the chapel to read psalms out loud. Then we have lectures, followed by ‘work duties’, where we all assigned various tasks, cleaning, cooking, and maintenance. We usually have a few hours off in the afternoon, and dinner is often followed by a guest speaker, a community worship evening, or local outreach.

Our lectures are on a variety of topics, such as “Hearing the Voice of God”, “The Character and Nature of God” and “Relationships”. One particularly powerful time was “Freedom Week”, where we examined ourselves to see what was holding us back from following God wholeheartedly, such as an unbiblical view of self, or unforgiveness – then we prayed and encouraged each other through a process of freeing ourselves from these encumbrances. We are periodically sent off to put into practice what we’ve been learning, to be involved in local outreach. We are assigned to a group, with a leader, and go prayer-walking through Harpenden, or handing out tracts and praying for healing on the streets of St. Albans, or giving tea, water, and prayer to people coming out of a local pub in the wee hours of the morning, or meeting and building friendships with young people at a local youth club. Peter and I have had a few opportunities during these local outreaches to speak to people about Jesus, or pray for them. We are all spending next week in London, attending a DTS Gathering where more than 200 other DTS students will be present. We will be representing Jesus in various ways there – everything from sports ministry to picking up garbage. It promises to be an exciting week.


The second half of a DTS is the outreach phase – since our DTS is particularly large, we are splitting into five teams, going to Ghana, South Africa, Rwanda& Ethiopia, Thailand, and Turkey. Peter and I are on the Rwanda and Ethiopia team – we’re flying out on Christmas day! Please pray that our visas (my – Taryn’s – visa specifically, since I am an Indian citizen) are granted without any complications. Finally, and importantly, tomorrow (Friday the 4th of November) our DTS comes to Cambridge! We are doing a Wilberforce-focussed Christian Heritage tour, and attending a “Trumpet Tour” meeting at 7pm in the evening at the Round Church. We would love to see any of you who could make it!

Love Taryn & Peter