The Youngest Missionary!

May 30, 2014

Peter & Taryn are very proud to announce that

Isaac John Newton Prescott

was born at 1339 BST on Wednesday 28th May at 3.78 kilos (8 lb 5 oz).

The Name Isaac is a biblical name: the Son of Promise of Abraham and Sarah, the original missionaries. John is a family name: Taryn’s father is called John; Peter’s grandfather is called John; Peter’s father is called Ian–the Scottish version of John. John is also a biblical name, the transliteration of the Hebrew Yochanan: ‘grace of GOD’. John is the name of the ‘Beloved Disciple’ who wrote John’s Gospel, and the name of John ‘The Baptiser’ who announced the coming of ‘The Baptiser-In-The-Holy-Spirit’. Newton is the surname of Isaac Newton, the great mathematician who developed calculus and explained gravity after he was struck by a falling apple; it is also the surname of John Newton, the slave-trader turned Anglican priest who mentored the abolitionist William Wilberforce and wrote the hymn Amazing Grace.

‘I have called you by name…–and I love you.’ Isaiah 43:1a,4b

Please pray that Isaac would grow each day to understand and delight in the glorious truth that God has called him by name—and loves him!

How’s Mummy? The labour was long and quite painful, and Taryn is still being looked after at the Rosie Hospital. Thank God for the Rosie’s world-class team of midwives, nurses and doctors. Please pray for a full and speedy recovery, and that we’d be happily home soon.

The DTS returns… Meanwhile, our DTS team – (yes, our 9-month DTS has coincided exactly with the 9 months Isaac was in the womb) – arrives back in England from Kenya today, and heads straight to the King’s Lodge, Nuneaton, for the annual YWAM England gathering! Needless to say, we won’t be going—but hope and pray everyone there has a wonderful weekend. They’ll then return to Cambridge for a week of debrief, before we commission them onwards to wherever God has called them next.

Lots of love from our little growing and grateful Prescott family, Peter & Taryn – and Isaac!