The Hour Is At Hand!

May 24, 2014

Baby Prescott is due!

Dear Friends, Baby Prescott is due on Monday! Peter’s mum is here all the way from Vietnam, washable nappies of all colours have arrived in the post, the baby’s head is ‘engaged’. Now it’s all systems go - whenever God wills it! Please pray for a safe delivery.

Meanwhile, we are excited to see simple multiplying discipleship begin to spring up from our Tuesday night house group. It’s simple - we are working our way through paperback copies of the gospel of Mark, ‘scribbling on Scripture’ to help us dig into the passage.

This is what we do:

I. Someone reads the passage out loud

II. We all individually get out our pens and ‘mark Mark’, putting a:

III. We share what we’ve marked and wrestle through the questions together, marvelling at things that struck our hearts from the Scripture

IV. We then move into application, asking ourselves:

V. We value accountability, sharing testimonies of how we have been able to talk to our five people from last week (or perhaps others!)

VI. Then we all stand up and pray together simultaneously, ‘Korean style’!

It’s multiplying! One of the girls who comes to our house group has been able to use this simple and reproduce-able model with her Christian Union group at school. Others who have joined us have taken paperback copies of Mark, intending to conduct a similar study with their friends. Excitingly, the gospel bracelets that we often use to share the good news have apparently become the trendy thing to wear at one of the local schools - some students who hadn’t yet received one through evangelism had made their own with Hama beads and a black rubber band! Hilariously, when told to take it off by a teacher, they explained that it was an ‘object of religious significance’! Please pray that our simple discipleship will help multiply the good news of Jesus through the schools and streets of Cambridge.

As Peter and I commit to the next season as full-time unpaid volunteers with Youth With A Mission, we find ourselves support-raising again, and our hearts are full of gratitude at how God has gone before us. His timing is perfect - one of the friends we emailed had been out of town for years, yet God had put us on her heart, ‘out of the blue’, the very morning of the day we contacted her! Another couple we emailed ended up coming around and spend a whole afternoon sharing their hearts and praying with us - we were all overwhelmingly encouraged by that divine connection. We thank God for providing our daily bread and for so many precious relationships.

The next season is beginning for YWAM Cambridge! Our team leader Connie is back from Kenya, and our team will soon return, tanned and overflowing with testimonies. Preparations have begun for the next September DTS, which Peter will be leading. Five people have already applied, and we are hoping for many more! Please pray that God’s grace will be on YWAM Cambridge as we seek to glorify Him in everything we do. “I give thanks to my God always for you… [He will] sustain you to the end, guiltless in the day of our Lord Jesus Christ.” (1 Cor 1:4,8)

God bless you, Peter and Taryn