An Answer To Prayer

May 27, 2011

We’ve just launched the website for Taryn’s ‘Songs of the Bride’ album!

You can now listen to the whole album online, find the lyrics to sing along with, and even download the chords to play the songs yourself. In March we wrote, that we were “wondering whether we might be able to record a selection of the songs Taryn has written sometime soon, perhaps releasing a collection of ‘Songs of the Bride’ to coincide with the upcoming Royal Wedding and the next 24:7 Prayer Week” and asked if you would “Please pray for all the various arrangements and negotiations which will be necessary to facilitate such a project, as well as for the musical and financial resources…”

As it turned out, the very week before we were due to go to the studio, God provided the exact amount of money we needed to pay for the two days of recording time we had booked. He is faithful. Now that we have the privilege of seeing our words become flesh, we want to say a big Thank-You to all of you who have been supporting us in prayer. So in the run-up to the album being released for sale on iTunes, we’re giving away the track ‘Face to Face’ for you to download, free of charge! And if you like it, then please share the link with your friends, church, worship team, youth group, CU, home group, prayer triplet, &cetera.

Grace and peace, Peter & Taryn