She's Out Of Hospital!

July 6, 2017

Thank-you for your prayers–I know you’ve all been waiting for this update. Anyway, I can at last tell you that:

My Sister Is Out of Hospital!

After three weeks in hospital and three operations – one for her pelvis, one to put plates in her jaw, one to stitch up a bad wound on her right leg – she was able to return home at the weekend. She’ll be in a wheelchair for the next month while her fractures heal, and then she’ll just need some physio to get back on her feet! My parents pushed forward their return from Vietnam to the UK so that they could help look after her—they’ve been hosted in London by some people from Rebecca’s church. Pray for a continued full recovery.

We’re Settling Into Our House

Meanwhile, we’ve been settling into our new home. It takes a while to unpack when you don’t at first have any furniture into which to unpack! But we have been blessed with a genenerous supply of people willing to help construct flat-pack furniture and able to contribute various household necessities.

And We Celebrated Anu’s First Birthday

At any rate, we felt set up enough to invite everyone we knew in Liverpool to come and celebrate Anu’s first birthday with us. On Sunday she turned one, and we had about thirty friends and neighbours eating cake around our dining table and making castles out of Duplo. Pray that as we continue to get to know our neighbours that we would shine as witnesses of Jesus. And pray for Anu, that she would be empowered by the Holy Spirit to know the height and depth of God’s love for her.

Much love, Peter & Taryn, Isaac and Anu