Pray For Peter's Sister

June 10, 2017

This is my sister, Rebecca. Like me, she was born in the Philippines, educated at international schools in Malaysia and India, before coming to England for university. She read Natural Sciences at Durham and then did a PGCE teaching qualification. Like me, she married someone from school in India. Like me, she and her spouse are trying to reach people for Jesus.

Her and her husband Andrew are in east London connecting with Bangladeshi Muslims. They have been talking about going to Bangladesh to help them properly learn the language so when they return they can communicate more effectively. On Wednesday evening, I was writing a newsletter asking for prayer as my family moved house.

On Wednesday evening, my sister was cycling home from work and was hit by a truck. woman-cyclist-cheats-death Right now she is in hospital with various bones broken and fractured. But she is alive! The picture is from an article in the Evening Standard: Woman Cyclist Cheats Death.

Please pray for full healing. Please pray for many Bangladeshis to hear the gospel. Please pray for protection for the many cyclists on London’s streets. Please pray for the rest of my diaspora family, trying to keep in touch via WhatsApp, scattered to the four corners of the earth as we try and be disciples who make disciples: parents in Vietnam, brother in Pennsylvania. But mainly, right now, please pray for full healing. On Tuesday it is her birthday.

Thanks, Peter

PS. Sorry this wasn’t sent out sooner. Wednesday night seems a long time ago. I heard the news just as I was sending out our prayerletter and thought I would send out this urgent prayer request, but my free Mailchimp account wouldn’t allow me to send the second email in the same twenty-four hour period. PPS. I appreciate that as you’re praying you’d probably like updates. I will try and let you know when she gets out of hospital, but I think that’s the most I can manage as Taryn and I try to set up home here in Liverpool with two small children running around.