Pray For Our House Negotiations

July 15, 2013

Beloved friends and family,

It’s been a whirlwind few days. After a busy weekend of packing everything up and completely clearing out our YWAM Harpenden flat, and after several months of feeling like our return to Cambridge was imminent, this morning the moment finally arrived. And we are now in Cambridge, from where I now write this late evening email, and where we will be permanently for the next seven years as full-time missionaries doing what we can “to help bring revival and reformation to Cambridge and to the ends of the earth”!

And tomorrow we start this new season as we mean to continue, trusting that the promise of God is able to bring supernatural life even against all the odds – at least as calculated by human reason. Which is to say that tomorrow at 11.30am we go to meet the owner of the Guesthouse and make him the best offer we can, bearing in mind that as yet we have less than £20 thousand. (In one sense, this is a bewilderingly large sum of money for us to have been freely given in these last few weeks–in another sense this is a pathetically small sum to think of buying a million pound house with!) Please pray that God would get the glory in all of this.

This is ultimately not about me or YWAM but about God. My prayer is that of Elijah (“a man, just like us”) when he prayed for fire to fall from heaven – that God would do it as a sign that he is turning the hearts of the nation back to Him (1 Kings 18:37). Please pray for the owner. From the first time we saw the building (in fact the only other time we’ve met in person), we have felt that this was at least as much about God’s desire to bless him with His love and power as it was about us and the building. Please pray for me in all of this – God has given our Cambridge team astonishing unity in faith in this matter and they are a huge blessing and support, but I’m increasingly realising that as it is me who initially and specifically was given the gift of faith for the thousand £1000s to purchase this building, I need to be willing to shoulder the responsibility of this.

Please pray for childlike faith and mature wisdom and revelation. Please pray that the owner would indeed agree to our proposal, and that we would be able to house our upcoming September DTS in this building! And please pray that beyond that the necessary provision would continue to come in for us to fully purchase this property without any need to go into debt.

Finally, I just want to assure you that if you have given money towards the purchase of a YWAM Cambridge building, your precious support is not being gambled on a mere chance of us obtaining a building – if our initial deposit to rent was accepted but we were somehow not able to raise the total necessary to purchase, then we would ensure that that initial sum was covered in some other way – out of my own pocket, if necessary! All that has been given towards the purchase of a building will eventually go towards the purchase of a building. I’ll try and let you know tomorrow afternoon what the outcome is!

In faith, hope and love, Peter (& Taryn)