Pilgrims on a Journey

November 16, 2014

Though these heroes of the faith did not receive the fulfilment of the promises, having seen them from afar off they were assured of them and embraced them, confessing that they were strangers and pilgrims upon the earth. Hebrews 11:13

Beloved friends and family– It seems I’ve been a fair few places since we last sent our prayer-letter. Thankyou for all your prayers and support! Hopefully this update will give you a flavour of what’s been happening along our various journeyings.

Bleskensgraaf, Netherlands

Myself and Connie Taylor went to the Netherlands for the YWAM European Evangelists’ Consulation. It was being hosted by the Impact World Tour team, which is based in a little Dutch village called Bleskensgraaf, near Dordrecht. We ate together, worshipped together, discussed ideas, shared vision, and did a little low-key evangelistic outreach! On our way through Amsterdam, we were also able to visit YWAM Amsterdam’s Prayer Room, called the Tabernacle of the Nations, and pop in briefly to their main training base. If you’re interested, you can read the full report here.

Bristol, England

Hardly had I returned from the Netherlands than it was time to head to Bristol for the DTS Gathering, a week of evangelism training with all the different DTSes from across the country coming together. We’d hoped to go altogether as a family, but decided in the end that the combination of sleeping on church-floors, a deliberately busy schedule of intensive outreach, teaching and worship, and a new-born baby, meant that it probably was a better idea for Taryn and Isaac to stay in Cambridge. Rapping on street corners, witnessing to zombies, interceding on the world’s first suspension bridge—and leading people to the Lord! It was a great week. (Again, I’ve written a comprehensive report here.) But having said that, it was a challenge being apart for a second week back-to-back.

Herrnhut, Germany

Our journeyings continue as we are now in Germany! – travelling with our DTS on our way to join YWAM Herrnhut’s Revive DTS for a week of teaching from Dan Baumann. Herrnhut is the place where the Moravians prayed continually for over a hundred years, and they had a great influence on John Wesley and the Methodist Awakening. So needless to say, we are quite excited. And it is Isaac’s first international expedition–so pray for him!

Driving Licence

Speaking of travelling, I was finally able to take my driving test! After all manner of unexpected delays and peculiar setbacks (the first time, the examiner was on strike; the second time, my licence was destroyed in the wash; the third time, my test was postponed for no given reason), I at last had an actual test. And I passed! On the ‘first attempt’. However, although we do own a car, and it is sitting on our driveway, I won’t immediately be driving it round town, as we’re waiting until we have some some more committed financial support before committing to the full expense of running/taxing/insuring a car. Please join us in thanking God for his extravagant generosity towards us, and for his promise of providing all of our needs.

The White (Christmas) Album

On a slightly different note, it is almost the start of Advent, when we begin the spiritual pilgrimage towards Christmas–celebrating the historical truth of Jesus journeying from heaven to earth so as to give us the greatest gift. And over the last couple of days, Taryn has been in the studio recording a Christmas album! It features several new songs, as well as most of my favourite carols – and the music is interspersed with me reading nine biblical ‘lessons’ (ie. passages) of a Christmassy nature. A huge thankyou needs to be said to Phil & Maggie Gardner for their help–without Phil’s piano-playing and Maggie’s baby-sitting, there would be no album.

It will be released and available for free download come the start of Advent, but if you can give us your actual postal address, we would like very much to give you an actual physical copy—complete with some more of Phil Pawlett Jackson’s incomparable artwork. If you follow this link you can even have an advance download of For Unto Us, one of the new songs on the album.

Much love, grace and peace, Peter, Taryn & Isaac

PS. And I almost forgot to mention it, so focussed have I been on describing our journeyings, but there have been exciting things happening in Cambridge too–particularly the recent Call To Prayer with Jonathan Oloyede! And you can read more about that here.