Pierced For Me!

April 7, 2015

Happy Easter!

In this season of Easter let’s lift our eyes to heaven and rejoice as we member that

There is one who was pierced for me I see you now hanging on that thorny tree you were lifted high like a lightning rod taking all the wrath of a holy God and your strength was yielded to His will as the angels stood, amazed and still as the Champion of Heaven died You were beaten, naked, crucified…

(The lyrics are Taryn’s; you can listen to the full song here)

Change of Season

In this last week, so much has happened. The DTS team that has been in Cambridge since September left for Albania last Saturday. We rose at 5am to wave farewell to the eight students and four staff members who will be on outreach for the next two months. On Saturday night the clocks moved forward an hour, signifying the change to British Summer Time – and what an immediate change of season, for no sooner had the September 9-month Revival & Reformation DTS left on the Saturday, than the first arrival for our April 5-month Revival DTS got here on the Sunday afternoon. And not only that, but we have a DTS outreach team from Australia (from YWAM Newcastle to be precise) with us for six weeks. They arrived on the Monday night. Thankfully, we’re not directly staffing this DTS – although in these last few days we’ve helped with leading worship and helping the new arrivals capture the heart of our vision and get oriented in Cambridge. But over the next few weeks we’ll have some much-needed space to slow down a little bit and refocus on what’s truly important for us to be doing, rather than merely urgent.

The Last Couple of Months

Of course, it hasn’t just been this last week since we last sent out our newsletter–it’s been more than two months and much has happened. Isaac’s been learning to crawl! And we’ve been partnering with other Christian organizations in different ways: with OMF and WEC to celebrate the legacy of the Cambridge Seven, with Youth For Christ during their Be The Change mission week; with Hills Road Sixth Form College Christian Union, equipping them to use the gospel bracelets to reach their classmates with the love of Jesus. And of course there’s been the general rhythm of DTS teaching and life. This term we’ve had the chance to look in more depth at what it means to engage Christianly with the different spheres of society. We’ve had Jonathan Tame from the Jubilee Centre speaking on ‘Christianity and Public Life’, Charles & Jill McLachlan from the Academy for Chief Executives talking about ‘Business and Social Transformation’, and YWAM’s Western European leader Carl Tinnion talking about ‘Christ-like Leadership’.

Speaking of DTS, we had the great joy of witnessing incredible financial provision and generosity for our staff and students (Bethany, who’s been overseeing our accounts, tells the story succinctly here, and Hannah describes the reactions of astonished surprise) to enable several of them to afford the cost of outreach. These last few months have also been a challenging time in many ways–and I think a number of people in YWAM England have felt that in the uncertainty that has surrounded the visa situation. Even though the situation has been resolved some of that sense of having been thrown off balance remains.

Calling Forth A Generation

As I’ve wrestled a little bit with the feeling that what we’re doing is all rather insignificant, it’s been helpful to shift perspective and realize that I’m not just battling against the devil’s accusation that God’s call on my life to be a missionary is futile. But in fact I’m coming against a spiritual principality that is attempting to prevent this whole new generation of missionaries that is rising across the nations from entering into their destiny. Like the Psalmist, one sometimes wonders whether “in vain have I cleansed my heart?…”. But what we need is the conviction that “If I had said, “I will speak thus”; behold, I would have betrayed this generation of your children.” Pray for us that like David, we would serve God’s purpose in this generation! On that note it was a huge encouragement to hear that I have been selected for the Lausanne Younger Leaders Gathering which will take place in Indonesia next summer. Anyway, this email has been delayed long enough – I should probably finish off and send this out!

Finally, dear brothers and sisters, pray for us. We greet you all with Christian love! (1 Thessalonians 5:25-26)

For God’s glory in this generation, Peter, Taryn & Isaac