Our First Three Months In England

March 29, 2011

It has been three months since the visa actually came through, but life as newly-weds (we still feel quite newly-wed) seems to leave little time for newsletters.

Peter organised another 24-7 prayer week within weeks of us arriving in Cambridge, and is now preparing for another one. He has been involved in street evangelism, evangelism to the homeless, innumerable powerful prayer meetings, and of course, now that I’m finally in the same place as him, I don’t want to let him out of my sight! So I join him in almost everything that he’s doing, except when I’m too tired (keeping up with a cross country champion on a mountain bike is no small achievement!) and have been learning – almost from scratch – the domestic dance of a wife: cooking, cleaning, clearing up, producing snacks and coffee every now and then, remembering to put the clothes through the washing machine and buy groceries so that we are not left with no socks and only raisins to eat.

I have also had time to make some music. I put some more work into various songs that have been sitting in my diary, half-written, and am, along with my friend Sitenda, the ‘live band’ at a local church cafe. Of course, Peter and I often sing the Hymn that we wrote together. All in all, it has been an enjoyable few months. People keep asking me if I’m struggling with the weather being so cold, or with culture shock, and all I can say is those things fade in light of the great gratitude I feel that God got us through the months of separation and that I am now here with Peter.

Finally, please pray:

Grace and peace, Peter & Taryn