On Our Way To India

December 13, 2012

Dear friends and family,

This is just a quick email to ask that you pray for us as we head to India. Our team is made up of four girls (Jenny, Mandi, Beth and Danielle) and three guys (Ben, Jan-Jaap, Adam), as well as myself and Taryn. We will spend time in Delhi and Bangalore, and then return to England and spend three weeks in Cambridge from January 25th to February 16th. Praise God for the amazing way that He has provided already: Besides God arranging for us to be involved in the distribution of one hundred thousand Bibles a few days after arrive, allowing Taryn to spend a few days with her family, and working it out so that the Cambridge Christian Union evangelistic mission week falls right in the middle of our time in Cambridge…

Besides all that, the thing that I am rejoicing in at the moment is the simple fact that our whole team is leaving together tomorrow. Let me explain: Although we applied for all our visas a month ago, unforeseen technicalities meant that one of the team’s visas didn’t come through with the others, and we were told last week that it would be another ten working days before the application would be processed – ie. it wouldn’t come in time for our flight.

Sure enough, when I went on Tuesday to collect all the others, it was not ready. Wednesday we prayed and waited, and this morning I checked online to see if our prayers had been answered–but the online tracking system said it was still in process. Flying Air India you have to give 24 hours notice if you’re changing your flight or you incur penalty charges, so I called up the airline to ask about changing Danielle’s flight. They told me the options and so I went to ask Danielle whether she was prepared to wait in faith or whether she would rather just change now and save the money. And as she was wondering what on earth to do, I checked one final time on my smartphone and suddenly the system said the passport was ready for collection! “God is never late–but He misses a lot of chances to be early!”

Pray for us as we go:

Thankyou for all your faithful prayers. Please send us any verses or words of encouragement that God brings to mind as you pray for us – our team would greatly appreciate them!

Grace and peace, Peter