Lots of Exciting News

November 17, 2013

Dear Friends and Family, We have so much to tell you! It’s hard to know where to begin.

DTS is going very well.

It is a joy to see the trainees learning and growing in leaps and bounds. The teaching has been excellent, and the Lord has been doing a deep work in our hearts.

We are enjoying living in community.

Seven of the trainees and three staff live together, and our community house is a wonderful ‘pressure cooker’ environment - in the best possible way - in which to grow in love and godly character. We went around the neighbourhood and introduced ourselves to our neighbours, and now a few of them come over regularly for house group - Bible study and snacks! We’ve also recently welcomed another addition to our family - Cornelius Harding. It would normally be too late to join DTS, but God worked it out for Cornelius - nothing is impossible! We’re very glad to have him.

We pray and worship together regularly.

We start the day by reading the Psalms together and interceding for the Joshua Project unreached people group of the day. Most afternoons, we also have two hours of prayer and worship together in the afternoons. As we spend time together in God’s presence, He seems to iron out all our little differences - we are amazed at and grateful for the incredibly unity in the midst of diversity in our YWAM Cambridge community. We are growing in boldness and creativity in street evangelism! We have been using gospel bracelets but recently also acquired a battery-powered amplifier, we’ve used for street preaching and sharing testimonies. We’re excited to report that we’ve had about 58 people pray simple salvation prayers with us in just these first few weeks of DTS. We’ve also seen people healed and even a demon cast out!

A neighbour was healed of chronic back pain in our house group!

Four siblings from our neighbourhood often come over to our house group on Tuesday evenings - the eldest sister, Abigail, has suffered from chronic back pain for five years! This last Tuesday, the topic we were discussing was prayer. We split into smaller groups to pray for and encourage each other, and our neighbours, who found the idea of ‘hearing the voice of the Lord’ quite novel, were happily surprised to find that God did indeed speak to them! They heard some very accurate words from the Lord, and Peter heard a name, ‘Patricia’, who turned out to be a friend of Abigail’s from whom she was estranged. So we were able to encourage each other, and rejoiced that the Lord does speak!

Feeling full of faith, we asked if we could pray for Abigail’s back pain. It was at about a ‘6’ on a scale of 6 to 10 (ten being excruciatingly painful), and so we gathered around and began to pray. Once, and it was a four, twice, and it went down to a two, a few more times for specific areas of pain, and hallelujah! The pain was gone completely! Abigail kept testing it for the hour or so that her and her siblings remained, and it was still completely pain-free when she left. The four siblings’ response was one of wonder: ‘we had heard stories of God healing, but never seen it first-hand like this before!’

And last but not least - we are expecting a baby!

Almost thirteen weeks along now, the morning sickness has not been pleasant, but it is worth it! Our first ultrasound scan revealed that the little one is alive and kicking, and developing well. We are overjoyed, and so grateful to the Father who gives good gifts.

Grace and peace, Peter and Taryn