Let The Bride Come!

May 3, 2011

Brothers and sisters in Christ!

We are two days into the 24:7 Cambridge Prayer Week, and there has been much happening.

I thought I would share the news thus far and hopefully encourage you. This Prayer Week we have been particularly inspired by three different Biblical passages.

The first is Song of Songs 2:10 and onwards, where the Bridegroom calls his Bride: “Arise my beloved, my beautiful one, and come away with me!” Having begun the work of re-establishing 24:7 Prayer Weeks in Cambridge while Taryn my bride was on the other side of the globe due to the refusal of her visa, I have found myself beginning to understand better what it means that the Church is called ‘the Bride of Christ’. And when I discovered that the Royal Wedding was happening the day before the Prayer Week was due to start, it seemed to make sense to capitalise on this piece of divine providence in some way.

So we celebrated the ‘Royal Wedding’ not of Prince William (now Duke of Cambridge – just in case you needed proof that the timing of the wedding truly does have significance for our city!) but of Jesus the King of Glory with a ‘Prayer Flashmob’ at 2:10pm (in reference of Song of Songs 2:10) on Saturday afternoon. We were then able to go on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire on Sunday morning to talk about how twenty or so of us had gathered for this ‘Prayer Flashmob’.

We were also able to play one of Taryn’s songs – one of seven ‘Songs of the Bride’ which she recorded somewhat hastily (a mere sixteen hours spent in the studio) just this past week so that they would be ready to call the Bride of Christ in Cambridge to prayer this week. I’ll try and write about the other two passages tomorrow.

Grace and peace, Peter