Happy Christmas from the Prescott Family

December 24, 2017

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas!

Here a few fun little Christmas links while you count down the final hours:

  1. The excellent Bible Project have an animated exposition of Luke’s account of the Christmas story.

  2. Or you can watch puppets acting out the Nativity story to the tune of the classic Bohemian Bethlehemian Rhapsody.

  3. Or if you prefer real live children acting out your Nativity, then you’ll enjoy these cute Kiwi kids in ‘They Won’t Be Expecting That’.

  4. Glen Scrivener’s 4 Kinds of Christmas is a poetic meditation on the various approaches to Christmas on offer. (And if you enjoy Glen Scrivener on Christmas, there’s also Santa vs Jesus and Christmas in Dark Places).

  5. Alternatively, if you just want some classic Christmas music then you can choose between Bethel Music, Keith and Kristyn Getty and Cambridge’s King’s College Choir.

  6. Or if you like your Christmas music a little more original then here’s Josh Garrels and Sufjan Stevens.

  7. And finally, there’s always our very own 9-lessons-and-carols White (Christmas) Album.

Much love, Peter, Taryn, Isaac and Anu