From A DTS In Full Flow

October 26, 2012

Hello everybody, It’s about time that we sent you an update from here in Harpenden.

We are almost half-way through the lecture phase of the Discipleship Training School which we are staffing. Which is now almost at the end of its sixth week! Our schedule is so full that each day seems like a week, but the weeks have, strangely enough, passed at breakneck speed. Our responsibilities include a wide range of things, from organizing the worship each morning (Taryn) and the local outreach each week (Peter), and being One-on-Ones for a few of the DTS students (which means talking them through whatever issues they’re wrestling with each week), to helping the students rake leaves during their work duties, all while attending everything that the DTSers do (morning workout at 6.30am, all of the lectures, etc). We have had some good speakers, but one that really stood out was Dan Baumann. His testimony of being imprisoned in Iran, falsely accused of being an American spy, and of how he was able to extend a hand of friendship to his persecutors (he literally held out his hand to the man who beat him everyday and said “we see each other every day, let’s be friends”!) was very moving, but what really stood out was his simple love for Jesus in ordinary everyday life.

Excitingly, we have been asked to lead a DTS outreach team of 7 students, which represents 7 countries including us! We have felt God put in on our hearts to take the team to India (16 Dec-25 Jan) and Cambridge (25 Jan-17 Feb). Our plans are still solidifying, please pray for wisdom and guidance for us. :)

For those of you in the UK, you may have seen a picture of us in Stewardship magazine! We have been chosen to be the guinea pigs for Stewardship’s new ‘Support Group’ scheme. Pray for us as we set up our Support Group (which is basically an accountabiity group). Taryn has passed her Life in the UK test, after a long trek to 593 Hitchin Road (her thought was “oh, Hitchin Road, that’s near Luton train station, no problem! WRONG. It’s the road from Luton to the next town, Hitchin! As she walked past No. 7 Hitchin Road, she realised her error. Long bitter tangent! ;) ) This is a necessary requirement for obtaining Permanent Leave to Remain in the UK. We will apply for this in March, but after the trouble we had getting the spouse visa, we’re working hard at getting exactly the right papers together even now, and would appreciate your prayers!

Much love, Taryn & Peter