DTS Comes To An End

March 5, 2013

Sorry for the lack of updates in recent weeks – it turns out leading a team of faith-filled first-time missionaries in places that they’ve never been before is quite a full-time job.

Exciting but a little exhausting. Anyway, in case you missed them as it was all happening, here are the links to our blog updates which give the full record of what we have been doing these last few months.

Week 1: The Land of Extremes
Weeks 2 to 4 - “It’s Obvious!”
Weeks 5 & 6 - Bengaluru, Belatedly
Weeks 7 & 8: Cambridge Teachings and London Preachings
Week 9: Until We Meet Again

Praise God for all that he did and all that he taught us! And pray for all the now-graduated DTS trainees as they now scatter across the world and step into what they think God is calling them to next. Some plan to return to YWAM, some will start university, some will get jobs – whatever they do, pray that they would remember what they have learnt in these last five months and continue to be strengthened with power by the Holy Spirit so that they would truly know the love of Jesus – which through them is able to do more than they can possibly imagine (Eph. 3)!

We’ll be going on holiday in a couple of weeks, but before that we need to apply for the next stage of Taryn’s visa, her Permanent Leave To Remain in the UK. Most of you know the trauma of what happened the last time we were applying for her visa, so please pray that this time Taryn’s visa is granted without trouble. We have booked an appointment for March 19th, and are paying the extra to have it processed within one day, so that we can have her passport to travel to the States for my brother’s wedding in July. As it happens, he also has a visa interview scheduled for the same day, to allow him to live in the USA, so pray for him as well.

Please also pray for the YWAM Cambridge DTS that we will be moving to Cambridge to start in the autumn. So far we have a start date (September 23rd), but still need a site to house the students and host the classes, as well as staff to help run the DTS, and students to apply to do the school! We’re meeting on Friday with the YWAM Cambridge leaders to finalize some important details regarding the school before we really begin in earnest to spread the word. Pray for unity in the Spirit and for clarity of vision.

Grace, peace, and much love, Peter & Taryn