Preparing to Disciple the Nations

July 20, 2014

Beloved friends and family–

It’s been several weeks since our last update—and life continues apace!

Taryn is still a long way from anything like a full recovery, but is making definite progress even as she is forced to constantly cast herself upon Him who cares. Thankyou for all your prayers–we know that God hears them!--but please continue to pray for fast and full healing, and for abundant grace in the midst of the pain.

Her mum is now staying with us, having arrived from India a week before my mother left. So we are being well looked after! My dad was also able to join us for just over a week, and together with my sister (who has just turned twenty-one and graduated from university, and is spending her summer in Cambridge reaching out to international students), we were able to go and spend a weekend with my grandparents, who are very chuffed to have now been promoted to _great-_grandparents! Praise God for the blessing of family, and particularly for the privilege of having the support of our mothers.

Meanwhile YWAM Cambridge…

has been pulsing with the missional heartbeat of short-term teams coming and going.

Over the last few weeks we’ve hosted a team from YWAM Harpenden and a team from the York House of Prayer: worshipping, praying, doing street-evangelism, and getting to know each other better. And our Cambridge team has sent people on outreach to Bosnia and Serbia, and to the Commonwealth Games in Scotland. My main responsibility at the moment is to prepare for the coming Revival & Reformation DTS--which is now only two months away! Currently it looks like we have ten applicants from five countries (the UK, the USA, Holland, Egypt, and China). It really is an incredible privilege to rally people from around the world simply for the sake of knowing Jesus and making Him known! Just yesterday I was able to meet with our latest potential trainee, a Chinese girl who recently became a Christian in Spain and is ablaze with a passion for prayer and for her Chinese contemporaries to discover the reality of God. We were sitting talking in the 25 Portugal Place upper room, just before the start of the time of worship and prayer we have there each Friday, each enthusiastically sharing our testimonies–when suddenly she stopped, and said in surprise ‘You know, I had a dream about this! That I was talking with you in this room!’ It’s moments like these that reassure me that this strange lifestyle of ours is not just a foolish scheme of mine, but might genuinely be God’s idea! Pray that God would continue to call students and staff to be part of this next DTS.

Anglican Ordination?

Some of you will know that I have been recommended for Anglican ordination as a pioneer minister, and have been going through the initial stages of the discernment process. For whoever’s interested – or baffled! –, there is a full (and somewhat lengthy) attempt at explaining this here. For the moment though, that has been put on hold, which means that for the next two years we can focus without distraction on establishing the DTS. Pray that God would establish the Revival & Reformation DTS as a ministry which will both inspire and equip young leaders to obey God’s call upon their lives, and be a catalyst for God’s kingdom to come in power to Cambridge.

Three final things

  1. We’ll be moving house in four weeks’ time! Much as we’ve loved living in community with the DTS for this past year, now that we’ve just had a baby we’ve decided that we need more than just a bedroom that is all our own. We’ll be moving just around the corner, less than sixty seconds’ walk from where we are now.
  2. I have a driving test this week! After twenty-six happy years of not needing to be able to drive, I’ve finally learnt. My test is on Wednesday–and someone has even offered to then give us a car! God is good!
  3. In other news, you might remember the guesthouse we were hoping to buy last summer, whose owner had cancer and so was being forced to sell the house. Well, it turns out–after one of our team investigated the current situation with that house–that the owner has recovered and so is continuing to run the place as a guesthouse. Indeed, I think he has even been extending it. We said last year that “we have felt that this was at least as much about God’s desire to bless him with His love and power as it was about us and the building”--so praise God for this recovery! And please continue to pray with us that in His perfect timing, God would provide YWAM Cambridge with permanent property in the city. I think that’s most of our news–please let us know yours!

Grace and peace, Peter, Taryn & Isaac