Celebration Amidst Suffering

June 21, 2014

Beloved friends,

We are beginning to understand what Jesus meant when he promised ‘life in abundance’ - the highs and lows of these past two weeks can hardly be quantified! The DTS that we have been helping lead has graduated with flying colours. We celebrated with a wonderful Africa-themed dinner where we had a chance to honour and affirm our trainees and present them with their YWAM certificates. They testified unanimously that they had been ‘wrecked’ (in a good way!) by the past nine months, and that they had gained a joy and boldness in evangelism that they never thought possible.

Glory to our awesome God who is in the business of changing hearts and saving souls!

Peter is preparing to lead the next DTS.

Applications have started coming in, and prayers are being offered up. Pray that God would gather another group of trainee missionaries who are hungry for God, ready to learn, and willing to serve. We hope this next DTS will be as life-changing as the past one has been.

As we often sing, in a song composed in one of our DTS worship sessions, We’re gonna see awakening in this city again/ Revival is coming, so wake up, O sleeper/ Revival is coming, get ready! Please pray for supernatural grace for Peter as he juggles his many responsibilities.

I (Taryn) am still in a lot of pain.

(You can read my musing on it here and here.) My hips feel like car parts left out in the rain to rust, and my legs persist in behaving like bars of lead - heavy and uncooperative. However, there has been much progress since we left the hospital, and for that I have you all to thank! We have never felt more loved and supported than in this difficult time - the fellowship of the Body of Christ has been a lifeline to us. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

We forgot to mention in our last email that Isaac came out of me with his head at an angle. It seemed like an small detail, but has turned out to have significant implications. The bump on his head which some of you might have noticed in photos is called a cephalohaematoma - that was the first, not particularly serious result - the haematoma has almost completely disappeared now.

The second implication is that the incredible pressure the delivery exerted on his soft newborn bones caused something called TMJ Disorder. His jaws meet at an angle, meaning that breastfeeding is inefficient and tiring for him, and very painful for me. Please pray that God, who made Isaac fearfully and wonderfully, will re-align his jaws.

My mum arrives from India this Tuesday, and Peter’s mum leaves soon after. Our neighbours still come over for Bible study, and soon our house will be re-peopled as old and new DTS students and staff move in. We thank God for all these comings and goings - we feel so rich in love and relationships.

Thank you for your fellowship in the gospel,

Taryn and Peter