4 Things You Could Do To Help

June 26, 2013

Hi Everybody, Thanks so much for all of your encouragement and support for the vision for the YWAM Cambridge House.

We’ve seen a few more incredible gifts in the last week or two (bringing us past the £7000 mark) and have now managed as a team to put together a little 5-page proposal for the YWAM Cambridge House, which I attach for all those of you who might be interested. If you want to help, here are four things you could do:

  1. Get your free download of Taryn’s new album ‘Those Who Dream’, which is just released in support of this little dream of ours for Cambridge.

  2. Pray with us. Set your alarm to 5:11pm and spend a minute declaring Revelation 5:11-12 (that Jesus is worthy!) over Cambridge and the nations each day for the next three weeks.

  3. Tell twenty of your Jesus-loving friends about this!

  4. Give £1000. We have three weeks to try and raise as much (why not all!) of the £1 million as we can before we have to make some sort of definite offer to the owner of the house. His name is Pete. Please pray specifically for him as well – he has had cancer and that is why he is having to sell. We had the chance to pray for him in person when we first visited the house and he was visibly moved. It is also three weeks until myself and Taryn will be leaving YWAM Harpenden! We fly to the USA on July 17th for my brother’s wedding, and when we return to England we will head straight to Cambridge, where we are committing to be a part of the work until 2020.

Grace, peace, and much love, Peter & Taryn